Three weeks 'til Head On

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson

Mmmm, chocolate. In the context of this blog post the above quote doesn't refer to actual chocolate, though that usually solves most of my problems. It's inclusion refers to my first point of update on the Rebuilding Jay Knight Head On Exhibition...

1. Fundraising launch

I launched a fundraising campaign this week to help alleviate the pressure of my ever-growing exhibition costs (more about that later), and thanks to your generosity I’ve already achieved over 50% of my target! That’s incredible!

It’s very humbling to have such amazing support from my friends and family; your contributions mean I no longer have to have an awkward conversation with my landlord about where this month’s rent went.

It also allows me to present myself in a more professional way at the Head On Festival, which will help raise my profile as a serious photographer person lady (I'm still working on the wording for my business cards).

So: thank you. I am extremely grateful for every dollar donated so far.

The campaign finishes on Friday 15 April (or Thursday for my international friends). If you’d like to help take me closer to my goal, just go to, pick your perk, and click ‘contribute’.

2. Budget update

After seeking a proper quote for my exhibition prints, my expenses increased this week by a significant amount. My travel costs also increased after checking available flights that fit in with my timeline.

Geeeeez, can’t a girl catch a break?

I did a total inventory of the damage, the updated figures are below.

Exhibition prints                                                     $1300
Postcards                                                                $200
Posters                                                                    $200
Return airfares Melbourne to Sydney (x 2)           $400
Accommodation (x 4 nights)                                 $400

Total: $2,500 (that’s $700 more than what I calculated last week...sheesh)

This kind of news would usually see me immediately curled up in the foetal position, but the early success of the fundraising campaign means I should be able to absorb these increases.

FYI: I'm saying yes to any kind of photographic work at the moment — assisting or shooting. If you know anyone in the market for a serious photographer person lady, I'd appreciate you passing on my details.

3. I’m on the map!

The full Head On program was finally launched on their website this week, including my little exhibition. Click here to go to my Head On exhibition profile. Also, here’s a screenshot of ‘Rebuilding Jay Knigh’ on the Head On map (damn that character count).

4. Jay in the gym

Jay and I worked hard at his gym this week as we continued work on the documentary ‘Rebuilding Jay Knight — one year on’. Well, when I say we worked hard I really mean Jay worked hard (his new trainer Allan made sure of that!).

I spent most of the session sitting on the floor trying to hold my camera still (and failing miserably).

It’s been a year since I was in the gym with Jay, and it was so great to see the progress he’s made in that time. There's still a lot to do on the documentary, but I'm looking forward to bringing all of the audio and footage together and crafting it into a story.

That's it, amigos. Next week's update will be a big one — I will have chosen which images to exhibit, and ordered my prints (gulp). The fundraising campaign will have finished, and I will have picked up my postcards. I don't want to jinx myself, but I think this exhibition might actually happen!

Rebuilding Jay Knight: Life after Guillain-Barre syndrome is a photo essay and book by Emma Murray.

See images from the series here.

Read the book here.