Jay Knight exhibition in Melbourne

“Everybody out there is winging it to some degree, of this we can be pretty sure.” ― Amanda Palmer

After bringing the Jay Knight prints home from Sydney, I packed them into a box and put it in a corner of my room.

"That can't be it," I thought. "Is this it?"

Now that I had the prints, I was keen to show them somewhere in Melbourne, The only problem was that I had a serious lack of funds and connections, so finding a venue was going to be tough.

I tried pushing the idea of a Melbourne exhibition to the back of my mind, but, having to look at the box of prints everyday just made me want to think harder about where I could hold a local show.

After writing my final blog post about Head On, I was looking at photos of the prints at Sydney Hospital. And then it hit me.

"Why don't you ask Melbourne Hospital if they have a space you can put the prints?"

Of course, why was I trying to make it hard for myself. Plus, Jay had spent the first two months of his treatment at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, it seemed like a nice connection for the exhibition.

I emailed the communications department and explained about the project, and asked if they had anywhere suitable.

"Yes. We have a dedicated area for art exhibitions. It's free in four weeks, does that suit you?"

The prints hung at The Royal Melbourne from 27 June — 18 July, and we had a special opening event in the first week. It was so great to share the experience with Jay and Jo, and all of our friends who weren't able to make it to Sydney.

Having already done one exhibition, there were a few things that were easier. But, because it was a new venue, there were a few new problems that I had to overcome. I'm looking forward to developing my knowledge further with my next exhibition (whenever that may be).

For now, here are some photos from the show at the The Royal Melbourne Hospital.