Ted and Tess enjoyed the peace and space that came with an empty house, but, not having children around, it also felt as though something was missing

Eventually that gap would be filled when Ted and Tessie’s kids had their own children. The role of ‘Poppy’ was one that Ted has enjoyed.

“Having grandchildren was lovely, and there were lots and lots of grandchildren!” He said.

“We had about three families going at the one time. I used to go and pick them up from school and take them home to our place until their parents finished work.

Grandson Damien recalls Ted ferrying him to and from his chilly Hobart athletics meets.

"I'll always cherish when Pop took me to Cross Country races early on freezing cold Saturday morning's in winter," he said.

"He'd take me rain, hail or shine, whether it was down at Grove in the muddy apple orchards or as far as Symmons Plains or Ross. I probably didn't appreciate back then as a 14 year old, but I certainly do now."

Ted said he didn't mind being 'Pop's taxi'.

“I was happy to help; all the grandchildren were pretty good.”

Ted and Tessie with some of their grandchildren in 1995

Ted and Tessie with some of their grandchildren in 1995