When the kids left the paddock

Ted’s children had plenty of space and opportunity to play, including in the legendary back paddock.

“In the back paddock there were kids running around everywhere!” Ted said.

“Probably every house had at least three to four children, and they’d all play together in the back paddock and on the school grounds.”

Eventually, the time came for the children to start moving out. Eldest daughter Ann was the first to go, much to the disappointment of Ted and Tessie.

“When I was 19 I wanted to move into a flat in Moonah with Sue le Fevre, and Mum and Dad weren’t so keen for me to move,” Ann said.

“I wasn’t allowed to take anything with me. Eventually, a few weeks later Dad turned up with some furniture.”

Ted agreed that the idea took some getting used to.

“We probably weren’t happy to start with, but once we got used to the idea and realised there was a bit more room in the house it didn’t matter,” he said.

By the time their youngest, Peter, left , Ann said it was a very different story.

“When Peter moved out Dad helped him move!” She said.

“He was 18 and wanted to get nearer to town. It just shows you the difference between the oldest and the youngest.”

Ted said having more space was nice, but he did miss having the children around.

“It was peaceful, but sorry in a way because I did enjoy the children being around,” he said.